Bergara Scout

The Scout rifle is an honest single shot rifle that's better than the competition and easy on the wallet. Bergara barrels are reknowned for accuracy, and the accuracy of the rifle is maintained because the scope mounts are fitted on the barrel. 

Product Description RRP Details
CR4431S CVA Scout Rifle Stainless/Black - 44 Magnum 22" AUD0.00
CR4432S CVA Scout Rifle Stainless barrel Camo synthetic stock - 44 Magnum 22" AUD0.00
CR4806S CVA V2 Scout Rifle Stainless Barrel Black synthetic stock in 45-70 Govt 25" AUD0.00
CR4830S CVA Scout V2 Single Shot Rifle in 450 Bushmaster 25" AUD0.00
CR4911S CVA V2 Scout Rifle Stainless/Black - 35 Whelan 25" AUD0.00
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