Haenel CR223

The CR223 and CR308 is a indirect gas operated (piston driven) semi-automatic rifle available in 223 Rem or 308 Win. The rifle features an easily removable foreend, A2 muzzlebrake, and a collapsible buttstock. Haenel follows the tradition it set during WWII, as the developer of the world's first assault rifle, the StG44. The know-how of this rifle design, went into the development of the CR223 and CR308. The MK556 is a full-auto rifle for Government use only.

Product Description RRP Details
CR223-16 Haenel CR223 Rifle in 223 Rem 16.5" AUD0.00
MK556 Haenel MR556 Rifle in 5.56 Nato AUD0.00
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