B14 Ridge

The B-14 Ridge rifle features a molded synthetic stock made of glass fiber reinforced polymer. During the molding process, solid epoxy pillars are permanently molded into place, providing a secure and stable bedding surface for the barreled action. The base color is dark gray with white and black flecks. A SoftTouch coating gives the stock soft, tacky feel that is easy to grip even in harsh weather. The Ridge also features the world-renowned Bergara barrel and is complemented by a super-smooth B-14 Action, which is a two-lug system with a sliding plate extractor and a coned bolt nose and breech to ensure a smooth feeding and extraction of the cartridge. It’s also outfitted with a Bergara curved trigger to guarantee a crisp, clean pull every time you fire the rifle. The trigger comes set at about three pounds. The Ridge is available with a hinged floor plate.

Product Description RRP Details
AF008 Bergara B14 Ridge Rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor 22" 1:8 M15X1 AUD0.00
AG033 Bergara B14 Wilderness Ridge 300 PRC AUD0.00
BW123F-308 Bergara B14 Wilderness Ridge 308 Winchester AUD0.00
BW124F-65 Bergara B14 Wilderness Ridge 6.5 Creedmoor AUD0.00
BW125F-300 Bergara B14 Wilderness Ridge 300 Winchester Magnum AUD0.00
BW125F-65PRC Bergara B14 Wilderness Ridge 6.5 PRC AUD0.00
BW125F-7RM Bergara B14 Wilderness Ridge 7mm Remington Magnum AUD0.00
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