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Deer Hunting in Australia by Nick Harvey

The final book published by veteran writer and hunter, Nick Harvey.

Sadly, Nick passed away in February 2024 and will be sorely missed.

His contributions to the sport are immeasurable, and irreplaceable.

Before he passed away, Nick compiled a lifetime of knowledge and passion for Deer Hunting into a useful and practical guide.

This was his final gift to Deer Hunters in Australia and abroad.

Each species of deer found in Australia is covered, along with advice on how to hunt them in various terrains and the tools required to make a hunt successful and enjoyable.

Hardback. 207 pages.

Part Number #881836

A special tribute to Nick has been published in the Sporting Shooter. Click here to follow the link.


Bergara BA13 Review

Check our the review that just came out in the SSAA Australian Women's Shooter, Issue 20 - September 2023.

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Bergara B14 Hunter Review

Read Nick's Review on the B14 Hunter in 30-06 Sprg. Click on the picture or link below.


Bergara B14-R on Ozzie Reviews





We are proud to announce that KleenBore has joined the Herron lineup and some items are now in stock.


New Redding Slanted Concentricity Gauge

Quickly identify excessive case neck and bullet run-out of your loaded rounds.

The unique ergonomic design improves precision and ease of use. A fixed vertical indicator stand places the indicator face at the ideal sight angle of 30° and eliminates the possibility of off-center readings.

The "Slant Bed" design moves the bearing surface down and away from the user, making case rotation easier and more precise. Precision stain- less steel bearings provide single point contact with the cartridge case. Linear adjustment for various cartridge lengths is simplified with bearing sliders mounted on stainless steel guide ways.



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