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75th Anniversary

We are very proud to be celebrating 75 years in business.

In 1947, our founder, Keith R. Herron, made his first sale to the legendary Mick Smith, who operated a barbershop/gunshop on George Street, Sydney.

Over the years, Herron's introduced and established many well-known brands in Australia, some that your father or grandfather owned.

Today, we're still doing what we do best, and we wish everyone stays safe during Covid.


Coming Soon - BA13's in Camo & Cerakote

Calibers: 223 Rem 20" 1:8, 6.5 Creedmoor 20" 1:8, 308 Win 20" 1:12.

New Sightron SVIII Series 5-40x56mm

Featuring ED (Extra Low Dispersion) Glass with new MC-777 Fully multi-coated optics for superior light transmission.

Built-in zero stop feature, and illuminated reticle in the First Focal Plane.

The 40mm tube allows for 40 MILS of elevation adjustment, and 20 MILS of windage.

Supplied with 40mm rings.


Bergara B14-R on Ozzie Reviews


New Bergara BMR Rimfire Rifle - Available from Feb 2022


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We are proud to announce that KleenBore has joined the Herron lineup and some items are now in stock.


New Redding Slanted Concentricity Gauge

Quickly identify excessive case neck and bullet run-out of your loaded rounds.

The unique ergonomic design improves precision and ease of use. A fixed vertical indicator stand places the indicator face at the ideal sight angle of 30° and eliminates the possibility of off-center readings.

The "Slant Bed" design moves the bearing surface down and away from the user, making case rotation easier and more precise. Precision stain- less steel bearings provide single point contact with the cartridge case. Linear adjustment for various cartridge lengths is simplified with bearing sliders mounted on stainless steel guide ways.



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