About us

Herron Security & Sport Pty Ltd is a wholesaler in firearms products, distributing its products to retailers, government departments and security groups across Australia. It is well-known for selling top quality brands and products at affordable prices, and if we do not trust the product — we do not sell it.

Our origins begin with the late Keith R. Herron (1924-2013). Keith grew up in the Great Depression and was drafted into the Australian Militia in January 1942, during World War II. In 1947, Keith was the first person to import nylon fishing lines into Australia, and sold his first shipment to Mick Smith's Gunshop in George Street, Sydney. The first few years were the toughest, as he had a young family to feed, a full-time job setting up the printing presses for the Daily Mirror, trying to grow his own import business in his spare time, whilst government taxes brought recreational fishing to a halt. It was in these formative years that Keith expanded the business to include firearms accessories, such as Pecar scopes in 1950. By 1959, Keith R. Herron Pty Ltd was incorporated and Keith himself was able to work full-time. By 1964, Keith began travelling the world an on annual basis, searching for products that the Australian market would soon embrace. He also became well-acquainted with a number of contemporaries that also established their businesses during the same period. In 1998, the business was restructured into its present form, under the new name of Herron Security & Sport Pty Ltd.

Herron's is Australia's most recognisable name in the firearms industry, with a high reputation locally and abroad. Since the end of World War II, the Herron family has been dedicated to serving the people of Australia by importing top quality brands. With over seventy years of experience in the trade, it is the name that is most trusted in the industry.