Match Grade Ammunition

For consistent accuracy, look to Match grade ammunition. Match grade components and strict tolerances ensure consistent performance, proper bullet seating, consistent pressures, optimal velocity and consistent overall length for repeatable accuracy.

Hornady Match Grade Ammunition

223 Rem 55gr HP 6.5 Creedmoor 120gr ELD Match 300 Win Mag 178gr ELD Match
223 Rem 68gr BTHP 6.5 Creedmoor 140gr ELD Match 300 Win Mag 195gr ELD Match
223 Rem 73gr ELD Match 6.5 Creedmoor 147gr ELD Match 300 Win Mag 195gr BTHP
223 Rem 75gr BTHP 6.5 PRC 147gr ELD Match 300 Norma Mag 225gr ELD Match
5.56 Nato 73gr ELD Match 308 Win 155gr ELD Match 338 Lapua Mag 250gr BTHP
5.56 Nato 75gr BTHP 308 Win 168gr ELD Match 338 Lapua Mag 285gr BTHP
6mm Creedmoor 108gr ELD Match 308 Win 168gr BTHP 338 Lapua Mag 285gr ELD Match
260 Rem 130gr ELD Match 308 Win 178gr BTHP 50 BMG 750gr A-Max

Sellier & Bellot Match Grade Ammunition

223 Rem 52gr BTHP 308 Win 168gr BTHP 300 Win Mag 168gr BTHP
223 Rem 60gr BTHP 308 Win 175gr BTHP 300 Win Mag 190gr BTHP
223 Rem 77gr BTHP 308 Win 180gr BTHP 300 Win Mag 220gr BTHP
5.56 Nato 55gr M193 308 Win 190gr BTHP 338 Lapua Mag 250gr BTHP
5.56 Nato 62gr SS109 308 Win 200gr BTHP 338 Lapua Mag 300gr BTHP
5.56 Nato 52gr BTHP 7.62x39 124gr FMJ  
5.56 Nato 69gr BTHP 7.62x39 122gr FMJ/Fe  

Frangible Ammunition

Frangible Ammunition are available for both Rifle and Handgun calibers. Designed to fragment on impact on metal plates such as Bisalloy, Frangible Ammunition makes it safe and easy for operators to train for CQB.

Green Ammunition

Lead Free and Non-Toxic Rounds for training or for service are becoming more commonplace, and required for safe operating environments. Indoor training ranges are increasingly becoming lead free zones, as lead toxicity levels are a constant hazard to range managers, and to operators. We offer several types of Green Rounds that have various purposes:

Sellier & Bellot Non-Tox - using a environmentally friendly and patented non-toxic primer, the first thing you will notice about S&B's Non-Tox rounds is just how clean the barrel and chamber are after firing multiple rounds. Reducing fouling and toxic blasts are critical to the safety of range managers and operators particularly in an indoor environment. The rounds are free from barium, lead, mercury, antimony - it does nto pollute the environment and protects the health of operators. Available in handgun calibers, including 9x19 and 40 S&W.

Hornady GMX - of copper alloy construction, the GMX is a lead-free barrier round for rifles. It's monolithic construction, terminal performance and high weight retention when encountering barriers such as glass, make it a solid choice for service use.

Tracer Ammunition

There is no doubt that tracer ammunition aids operators with finding their point of aim, which is great for training, but it can also give away your position. Sellier & Bellot produces both regular Tracer Ammunition, as well as IR Tracer Ammunition. IR Tracer Ammunition is a great tool that allows operators to take advantage of the aiming benefits associated with tracers, and being able to conceal their position from enemy combatants that do not have IR equipment. IR Tracer Ammunition also aids aerial support crews to help identify friendlies from foes, and help engage in fire-support missions.

5.56 Nato 63gr Tracer 7.62x39 116gr Tracer 7.62x51 144gr Tracer

Service Ammunition

Service Ammunition for Law Enforcement and Military is on offer in common calibers such as 5.56mm, 7.62mm, 9x19 and 40 S&W.

Hornady also produces advanced Duty Rounds that exceed FBI specifications. Conventional hollow point bullets often experience tip clogging as the bullet passes through light and heavy clothing, which diminishes expansion and causes unreliable performance. To solve this problem, Hornady used a special polymer which sits inside the hollow point cavity, the polymer improves expansion as well as enables good consistent penetration through light and heavy clothing.