Scent Kapture

Scent Kapture provides a unique solution to a well-known problem - how do you avoid the hypersensitive senses of animals in the wild? The answer is actually simple. Scent Kapture provides several products that improve the hunting experience by getting you closer to the target. The Scent Kapture is specially formulated so mask and remove the smells and odors both on the body and on our clothing. When we go through the bush, our human smells don't belong in the bush, which puts sensitive animals like deer on high alert - even spooking them away. The traditional way of avoiding this problem is placing yourself in the right wind direction but sometimes that is easier said than done.

The other problem we have is our clothing looks like a beacon to animals. The chemicals used in washing machines create a UV presence that animals detect, and often spook them. Scent Kapture's Laundry Detergent incorporates the scent removal formula with cleaning chemicals that do not create a UV signature.

Try Scent Kapture and enjoy a more successful hunt.