The B.O.S.S. II Chair

The B.O.S.S. Chair from RSD, is a fast, reliable, simple to use and non-intrusive scanning system designed to detect small weapons or contraband metal objects concealed in the abdominal cavity, recto vaginal cavity, oral cavity and shin area. High-precision, non-contact, measurement sensors are housed in the frame of rugged baltic birch wood that is coated in RF resistant paint for improved EMI rejection. The sensors provide instantaneous high sensitivity detection, detecting most ferrous metals, nonferrous metals and alloys.

Suitable places for use include Government Building such as Prisons, Detention Centers, Customs and Border Control Facilities, Jewelry and Watch industries and Coin Minting facilities.

BVS Mobile/Cell Phone Detectors

BVS Manufacturers a range of high-tech mobile/cell phone detectors that can be used in various scenarios. From detecting powered down devices hidden behind prison walls, to detecting mobile signals in places where it is prohibited, such as in examination halls, prison cells and secure government buildings. BVS provides multiple solutions to finding that unwanted mobile phone.