Small Arms

Bergara Premier Rifles

100% of Bergara LE Rifles are hand built and verified to be sub-MOA at a partnered sheriff's office outdoor range. These rifles are shot off of bags by the qualified staff and builders of Bergara, guaranteeing that your rifle has been taken from start to finish by an individual with no short cuts taken. The Bergara team is led by the former Production Chief and Chief Instructor for the United States Marine Corps Precision Weapons Section. Whether it be for operational use or for competition, Bergara rifles are built to be rifles out there.

LaRue Tactical S.U.R.G.

LaRue Tactical TranQuilo Suppressor

Reduce sound to hearing-safe levels, reduce flash signature and most importantly, reduce gas blowback. Whilst most suppressors do one or two of these things, LaRue does all three. This makes it safer for the operator, and reduces dangerous materials and contaminants that typcially encounter the operator's face. Equally as important, accuracy is maintained.

Calibers: 7.62 (5/8-24), 5.56 (1/2-28)

LaRue Tactical PredatOBR

The PredatOBR is a dedicated Marksman Rifle, that can easily be stripped down and reassembled with minimal shift in point of aim. This makes it handy for operators to conceal, transport and assemble in the field.

Calibers: 5.56mm (14.5", 16.1", 18", 20"), 7.62mm (14.5", 16.1", 18", 20"), 260 Rem (18", 22")

Optional: Takedown kit

LaRue Tactical PredatAR Rifle

The PredatAR is the lightweight version of the original OBR (approximately 2 pounds lighter). By contouring the barrel, skeletonizing the handguard, lowering and simplifying the upper rail using a low profile gas block - the result was the PredatAR, with LaRue accuracy and reliability in a lightweight platform.

Calibers: 5.56mm (16", 18"), 7.62mm (16", 18")

LaRue Tactical OBR (Optimised Battle Rifle)

The OBR (Optimized Battle Rifle) made LaRue Tactical well-known for uncompromised accuracy and performance. In International Sniper Competitions - if you don't use a LaRue, you're not competitive. The weight is heavier, and that is due to more mass in material in critical areas to alleviate known weaknesses in 7.62mm platforms and to stiffen the receiver - which improves accuracy. The OBR is hardy and trusted tier-1 Rifle.

Calibers: 5.56mm (12", 16", 18", 20"), 7.62mm (16", 18", 20").