A-Zoom Precision Metal Snap Caps

A-Zoom makes a wide array of aluminum snap caps for gun testing, shooter training, and safe to use for dry firing. A-Zoom snap caps are precision CNC machined from solid aluminum to precise cartridge dimensions, then hard anodised for ultra-smooth functioning and long life. Each centrefire round has A-Zoom's durable "Dead Cap" proven to withstand over three thousand dry fires while protecting the firing pin. A-Zoom also produces rimfire dummy rounds which are made through the same process, but are not snap caps (ie. not suitable for dry firing). To view the full range, click here.

Rifle Caliber Range: 17 Mach 2 - 700 Nitro Express

Handgun Caliber Range: 25 Auto - 500 S&W

Shotgun Caliber Range: 10 gauge - 410 gauge